Delicious. Almost.

Bouquet Center Tidies Up, But No New Eatery

There have been lots of comments and buzz about the space formerly occupied by Greenhouse Cafe in the Bouquet Center at the northeast corner of Bouquet Canyon and Newhall Ranch as many Santa Clarita foodies and eatSCV readers and commenters have noticed a fair amount of work happening. Windows are currently boarded up, leading many to speculate (and hope, even?) that a new restaurant is opening in the spot that Greenhouse vacated almost 3 years ago after nearly two decades in business in Santa Clarita.

Well, nothing so soon. According to Michael Schiff of NAI Capital, they are negotiating with at least one potential food service tenant to join into the shopping center, but he added that negotiations are not far along, with major deal points are still to be hammered out.

“As for the work inside (the former Greenhouse Cafe), that is being done regardless of who the tenant is.” Schiff added. “They are just cleaning up the space.”

The City of Santa Clarita’s online permit center confirms the work being done doesn’t appear to be for a new restaurant, as the permit issues is to “remove all kitchen, dining and restrooms [and] replace storefront doors and slab.” That must be why it’s boarded up.

Safe to say, if we’ll see a new restaurant in that space, it won’t be any time in the very near future.