Delicious. Almost.

Temakitto Japanese Burrito Soft Opens in Valencia on Monday

You know that sushi burrito place in Valencia you’ve been hearing about? Well, eatSCV was lucky enough to get an exclusive preview just in time for their soft opening on Monday. That’s right, Temakitto Japanese Burrito will be open and serving on Monday as of 11am. For now hours are 11-8 (closed Sunday). As is the case with all new restaurants, please be patient, as this will be their first week.


Sushi burrito concepts have been opening up throughout the US recently, and we are lucky enough to get our very own version, courtesy of Andrew Song, who you might know as the owner of Umaichi Ramen. Just as Andrew was the first to bring a legit dedicated ramen shop to town, he’s bringing us Temakitto Japanese Burrito. Yet another independently owned small business in Santa Clarita. And, you know what? We loved it! Pictured below is a sample portion of the caballero roll, filled with marinated meat. Full of flavor. The actual portions are bigger, this is just a cross section.


Currently, the menu consists of 8 different sushi burrito options, and one salad option. In time they will expand the menu, but in order to streamline the ordering/preparation process 8 is the magic number. Within those 8 options you’ll find meat, seafood, and vegetarian options. There really is something for everyone.


Pictured above is a Crunch Tiger Roll, which was our absolute favorite. This is a full portion, served cut in half. It consists of avocado puree, spicy tuna, crab mayo, red cabbage, cucumber pickle, daikon and carrot, spicy aioli with sweet sauce, unagi sauce, and Sriracha crunch. This was the first roll we tried, and remained our favorite of the night (although we enjoyed everything).


Here are some more cross sections of the fish and vegetarian options. These were sliced for tasting purposes. The actual portions are larger.


We will be back with a full write up once Temakitto is officially open, but we really felt it was something new and different for Santa Clarita, and encourage everyone to check it out. The rolls are all full of flavor and it is clear that a lot of thought went into each combination.


Temakitto Japanese Burrito is located at 28124 Newhall Ranch Road in Valencia (in the Chipotle shopping center). Soft Opening hours 11am-8pm Monday – Saturday.