Delicious. Almost.

First Look: Boba Master is Now Open on Bouquet Canyon

After what seemed like months of waiting, Boba Master has finally opened (as of two days ago) in the same Bouquet Canyon shopping center that is home to Ross and the newly re-opened Vons. We are excited to provide our readers with a quick first look inside the new space.


  The inside features a minimalist design that provides plenty of seating for customers.

bobamaster7 Besides boba, they have a menu full of options like teas, yogurt smoothies, and creations like a creamy lychee madness and strawberry snow mountain frosty milk, which we can’t wait to go back and try.bobamaster5


They have had a successful first few days of business, but we urge you to be patient with wait times as they are brand new and are still working through the kinks.


For now they are open until 11pm on the weekends, making this a great spot for a late night drink with friends.



In the coming weeks they will be expanding their offerings to include steamed buns, fries, and popcorn chicken.


We wish them the best of luck, and look forward to going back in a few weeks for a proper review. For now, be sure to let us know what you think of Boba Master!


Boba Master is located at 26574 Bouquet Canyon Rd in Saugus.

Thanks to photographer R.E. for stopping by for a first look. All photos property of R.E., used with permission.