Delicious. Almost.

Netflix, Olyphant Partner to Open Japopo’s Ristorante Del Mare

We finally know who the successor will be to Sisley at the Town Center Mall, and word couldn’t have come sooner, or later!

Netflix, in conjunction with co-star of “The Santa Clarita Diet” Timothy Olyphant, will open Japopo’s Ristorante Del Mare later this year.

Japopo’s, famous for being one of the local Italian eateries in the zombified version of Santa Clarita, took on a life of it’s own after Netflix released the second season of it’s hit show focusing on the changing lifestyle’s of the Hammond Family.  Launching it as a real restaurant came naturally to the show’s creator Victor Fresco.

“We have spent so much time in Santa Clarita” the showrunner and Emmy award winner said. “Every time we wanted to get a good meal and talk over the script or work on some ideas, we had a hard time finding a great Italian place anywhere near the mall.  Once Sisley closed, we knew we had to take it over and make it amazing!”

“But don’t worry!  We’re not using any of Ruby’s clams in our restaurant,” Fresco joked.

Ruby’s Special Clams. Image Courtesy: Netflix

“Santa Clarita is home to me” executive producer, co-star and restaurant partner Olyphant added.  “I’ve spent so much time here in my career, going all the way back to when we filmed ‘The Girl Next Door’ up here.  I really felt like I had to give this to SCV.”

Actor, Producer, Restauranteur and excited guy Timothy Olyphant. Image Courtesy: Netflix, YouTube

Olyphant is indeed no stranger to the area.  He’s been featured in legendary lengthy runs on shows shot primarlily in Santa Clarita including HBO’s Deadwood and FX Network’s Justified.

“I practically live here.  I bought a house in Happy Valley just so I could avoid the 405 on a daily basis!”

Backwoods Inn as Japopo’s. Image Courtesy: Netflix

Japopo’s, as seen on TV, or, well, screens at least, took up temporary residence in Santa Clarita’s legendary Backwoods Inn for the purposes of the show.  The mall location is prime real estate in the Valley.

Netflix, as owner of the show’s intellectual property and never one to pass up a good gag, will maintain a minority interest.  Ted Sarandos, chief content officer for Netflix declined to comment for this story simply offering “I don’t comment on April Fool’s Day pranks.”