Delicious. Almost.

Breaking News: 85C Bakery Cafe is Coming to Valencia

I’ve been wanting to break the news for over a month, but I know that we can only take so much heartbreak if the news were just a rumor…

But now that I’ve been able to get confirmation from two credible sources that indeed. It is true, I feel confident in reporting the following:

Wait for it…

85C Bakery is coming to Valencia. More specifically, River Oaks (Target, Valencia). Slated to share the former Pier One space with Zankou Chicken (and allegedly Jersey Mike’s), this is a HUGE MASSIVE win for Santa Clarita.

And while I know that people will be like “well it isn’t Porto’s so whatever” let me assure you this will fill the void. Yes, it is Taiwanese and not Cuban, and while we don’t get potato balls and cubanos, we will get boba and a variety of Taiwanese pastries and cakes.

I’ll give you a minute to process the information…

If you have never waited in line to get your tray and tongs and walk around in pastry heaven at 85C like I have, then here’s a little background on this bakery chain:

“In 2003, the founder of 85°C Bakery Cafe, Mr. Cheng-Hsueh Wu visited a cafe in a 5-star hotel. While enjoying gourmet pastries and drinks, he realized that the prices were set way too high for people to enjoy on a whim. From that moment, Mr. Wu has envisioned a cafe that provides premium coffee, bread, and cake at affordable prices. Thus the 85°C Bakery Cafe journey begins…

Today, 85°C has over 900 locations worldwide. In 2008, the first U.S. store opened in Irvine, CA. The location quickly became an overnight sensation, with over 5,000 Yelp reviews and lines out the door. Featured on TIME, CNN, NPR, and Travel Channel, 85°C Bakery Cafe has become a culinary phenomenon and a new cafe experience for all.”

As for the name? That has to do with the temperature of their coffee.

I wouldn’t publish this if I wasn’t certain that the rumors were true, and as far as I know it is happening. Plans always have a way of falling apart at the last minute, but for the sake of my fellow Santa Clarita residents, the ones that have traveled to West Covina (where Josh lives)/Rowland Heights/Alhambra/etc to get their hands on some buns (as in pastries), let’s hope the ink is dry. Looks like our Target runs are about to get a little sweeter.




Photo courtesy of Roshan Vyas on flickr.