Delicious. Almost.

Mugshot Coffee House Brings Much Needed Jolt to Canyon Country

The delays just added to the anticipation, but as of Thursday, Mugshot Coffeehouse is open and serving in Canyon Country. Taking over the long vacant It’s a Grind space, the inside has been remodeled, the gorgeous La Marzocco is in place, and the new tables have been built. In fact, the owner took much of the interior remodeling into his own hands.


What sets this place apart is that owner David Alfaro has experience in the coffee world, having worked as a manager at LAMILL (or is it LA Mill, idk), a beloved coffee company with a cafe in Silver Lake. I’ve been a fan of LAMILL since it opened in 2008ish, even writing about it in my younger days. Alfaro, as a resident of Santa Clarita, decided to open up his own coffee shop merely miles from home, and is using LAMILL beans.


Currently, you can get an espresso, macchiato, affogato, Americano, cappucino, mocha, latte, cortado, cold brew, and even a proper pour over. For the non coffee drinkers, they have loose leaf teas that can be served hot or over ice. Alfaro is currently working with a local chef to build a small cafe menu with the hopes to add light food options in the future. For now, you can have your drink with a Röckenwagner pastry on the side, delivered fresh!


There is plenty of seating inside, with a long communal table in the center, and comfortable seating surrounding the fire place (which will be nice for fall/winter). There are also a couple of tables outside. For now they are in a soft opening phase and are using the weekend to add some finishing touches (it will be closed just this weekend).

They will be open Friday 6/17, but closed for the weekend to take care of some things at the shop. But, don’t worry! They will be back up and running by 6am on Monday morning, open every day until 8pm. This is a soft opening phase, so be nice! And, let’s welcome this new independently owned local coffee shop to town!

Mugshot Coffee is located at 18729 Via Princessa Santa Clarita, CA 91387 near Costco.

Copyrighted photos used with photographer’s permission.