Delicious. Almost.

Welik Shutters After Short Run

Really sad news out of what was quickly becoming one of Santa Clarita’s favorite Mexican restaurants. Welik, the family run eatery at Bouquet Canyon and Soledad Canyon has closed suddenly, and without notice, and doesn’t appear to be coming back. Recently on the door was a letter from an local attorney, taped to the door (peculiarly, given that it was stamped and postmarked). Inside the space had been cleared of all evidence that it ever was a restaurant, and the signs were dark.


Emails to the owners have not been returned, and numerous people have said they’ve left voice messages for the owners without a return call.

Welik had it’s share of challenges from the get go, as Lady Ducayne first noted in her review. Parking was a challenge in the oddly shaped shopping center abutting the Metrolink railroad tracks behind it. Access into the center itself from any direction other than north on Bouquet or east on Soledad would be nearly impossible at peak traffic times, and it was placed among a variety of other establishments that were a hodgepodge of retail.


Rumors were that the owners were attempting to get a beer/wine license and maybe a full liquor license but were having troubles navigating the process. In addition, several of the Santa Clarita Foodies reported hearing of disputes between the owners and the property owner, and that they may be searching for a new location.

Let’s hope that’s the case because, as Lady Ducayne found, the food was fantastic and a truly authentic Mexican experience that the west side of the SCV could use.