Delicious. Almost.

Potato Balls. A sign of things to come?

The blogsphere was abuzz Thursday night as rumors of Porto’s and their delicious Cuban inspired baked goods, sandwiches and delicacies making an entry into the Santa Clarita area came to life quickly.  Some SCV Foodies claimed to have “inside knowledge” that confirmed the move to the SCV, despite a lack of official word from the Porto Family.  Nonetheless, the fans were flamed and internet rumors caught fire quickly as Facebook Shares of a faux-announcement photochop by Foodie Katie Kumazawa went far and wide, and spanned much of the Western US.

Foodie Lori Cruit didn’t even know what to think about the speculation, but was intrigued nonetheless.  “Stop this madness” She posted in a now deleted Facebook thread.  “I don’t even know what Porto’s is but now I want one in SC!”

Much of the speculation centered around the space vacated by Elephant Bar after their sudden closure and bankruptcy earlier this year.  The site itself has been the source of much speculation, including rumors of Hooters being interested, despite a possible title /CC&R restriction which would prohibit the wing restaurant and bar from operating on site.

Famed Southern California bakery Porto's, as conceputalized in Santa Clarita by Mike Devlin
Famed Southern California bakery Porto’s, as conceputalized in Santa Clarita by Mike Devlin

This of course isn’t the first time whispers and internet speculation about Porto’s has come through the Valley.   The space on Lyons Avenue formerly occupied by Dave’s Meats has been mentioned as a possible site, after several other restaurants have fired up, but never taken hold in that space.  Devotee’s who are tired of driving down the 5 or 170 freeway to the closest outpost of Portos in Burbank have even started their own movement to bring the bakery into Santa Clarita via the “We Need Porto’s In Santa Clarita” group on Facebook.

Sources inside the City of Santa Clarita have indicated that there have been talks with the small chain about opening a location here, but nothing is set in stone.  We reached out to Betty Porto, head of the family-run business for comment but our inquiries were not returned.  Something tells us that this isn’t the last time these rumors will fly.  I think most of us hope that the last time will be met with an announcement of an opening soon.

Late Friday, Porto’s did let us know that they hear us though with a quick shoutout.

Post by Porto’s Bakery.