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Marie Callender’s Pies: Still Cooking in SCV…

Image Courtesy: Marie Callender's
Image Courtesy: Marie Callender’s

Going back to last year, some rumors have surfaced about Marie Callender’s in and their lone location in the Santa Clarita Valley closing “soon.”  These rumors got so bad at one point the restaurant was flooded by calls wondering if it was true and when it might happen.

SCV Foodies can confirm that, for now at least, Marie Callender’s has no plans to close.

A spokesperson for Perkins Restaurant (parent company of Marie Callender’s restaurants) says that they are unaware of any plans to close the Valencia location in an email to SCVFoodies.  A source close to the store’s ownership has confirmed that the lease is expiring for the restaurant, but that they are working diligently to extend the lease with the property owners, and are confident that a deal will be reached before the expiration, later this year.

So, for now, eat that pie Santa Clarita.  This coming Friday, the 23rd is National Pie Day and Marie Callender’s is celebrating with a  $7.99 pie sale.