Delicious. Almost.

House Roots Introduces Limited Edition Growlers

Without a doubt, House Roots is the best thing to happen to Santa Clarita in a long time, and the introduction of their growler is the perfect way to hold us loyal fans over during the week when they are closed. For just $20 you get a half gallon of cold brew coffee housed in a limited edition Artist Growler. There are only 70 printed of each design, and the goal is to feature a different artist with each run. This first artist featured is Annie Seo whose illustrations grace both the growler and the thank you card that comes with each purchase.

Hey there! Thank you for purchasing the first in a series of “artist growlers.” You hold in your hands one of seventy custom printed growlers featuring the illustrations of our very good friend Annie Seo. We hope this growler will fuel many adventures and good times to come. We look forward to serving you at the bar soon!


Each $20 growler serves about 8-10 cups of Heart cold brew, and the best part is that after you drink it all, you only pay $15 for a refill. I picked mine up tonight, and was told that they only had a few left, so you won’t want to sleep on this. Head on over to House Roots this weekend and snag your growler! If you don’t make it, no worries, you can always get on the list for the next one.


House Roots is actively looking into installing a tap system for their cold brew, which is something I’ve only seen at a select few coffee bars throughout my travels. It would be really exciting to have one in town. I love House Roots, and I am so grateful they are in town as a pop up. The introduction of a take home growler is some next level stuff. If you haven’t checked out House Roots yet, they are only open Friday – Sunday and have limited hours (although they are looking into possibly opening daily if the demand is there). It is a pop up coffee bar, but I urge you to just believe in the process and the fact that it isn’t a stand alone coffee shop. I have taken many hesitant people here, and they instantly become believers and loyal fans. If you haven’t already, check out the House Root story here.

House Roots

28452 Constellation Road

Valencia, CA 91355