Delicious. Almost.

Sisley Kitchen Appears To Close Doors

Sisley Italian Kitchen, the long-time eatery just  inside/outside the Town Center Drive entrance to the mall bearing the street name, has closed it’s doors apparently (via a note posted on the door), after struggling to regain business.

For over 25 years, owners Francine and Jamie Alba have been a staple in the Santa Clarita community. Once having several locations, Valencia was their last remaining.

The restaurant had recently completed a major renovation, completely redoing the bar area, dining room and patio.  The renovations brought what was described as an upscale, modern and hip vibe, and also came along side some changes in the kitchen as well. The menu, which prominently featured a blend of Northern and Southern Italian cuisine, also brought in unique bits of west coast influence reflecting the owners tastes.

Update: 2:30pm:  Sisley confirmed the report via a social media post around Noon today, but then deleted the post, captured below.

This story is developing and will be updated as more information is available.  We’ve reached out to the owners of the restaurant for comment, with no response at press time.