Delicious. Almost.

Marciano’s Chicago Deli Introduces Chicago Pot Pie in Santa Clarita

Marciano’s has been a favorite around here and while they are best known for their sandwiches, they recently introduced something completely new. The perfect cross between a Chicago deep dish and a pot pie = Marciano’s Chicago Pot Pie.  Be warned this post will be picture heavy, but will also take you through the process of how it is made.

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co makes a similar dish, but they use a bowl as a base. Marciano’s has made it their own by shaping a bowl using their own dough (which is prepared in house).

The “bowl” is then placed in the oven, but not baked fully. They want it just hardened enough to hold the ingredients that will be added.

The partially baked bowl is then lined with 100% all milk mozzarella, extra low moisture.

From there, you get to choose your ingredients from a list of veggies and meat options. I opted for grilled onions of course! You can also get olives, bell peppers, and/or mushrooms.

Your meat options are ham, salami, pepperoni, and/or sausage. I ordered mine with the famous meatballs and sausage.

All of the ingredients go into the bowl base. They definitely don’t skimp on the portions, and this is the regular size (they also have a larger size).

All of it is topped with their homemade sauce.

And more cheese of course!

Then the whole thing is covered with a layer of fresh dough – hence the pot pie part.

Each pot pie is weighed before going in the oven. This one was 3lbs!

And into the oven…And a few final steps after coming out of the oven…

More sauce!

And some parmesan of course!

It almost eats like a Giordano’s stuffed crust…or at least the closest we can get around town. But this is definitely not a pizza.

These are meant to be ordered for pick up, but I couldn’t resist eating a piece of mine there…and real talk, I’m eating leftovers as I type this.


The Marciano’s Chicago Pot Pie requires 24 hour advance notice because of the preparation required (preparing the dough/proofing/etc) and orders can be placed in person or over other the phone at 661-299-1100. The regular size is $15 (the one I got) and the large is $30.

And after their appearance on Burrous’ Bites on Superbowl Sunday I’m thinking this is going to be the next big thing…

Marciano’s Chicago Deli is located at 18635 Soledad Canyon Rd #104, in Canyon Country.