Delicious. Almost.

Adam Smith Unveils the First Self Serve Golden Spoon in Valencia

For many teenagers, a first job is just that. A means to an end. A way to make some extra cash for expenses, school events, save up for a car, etc. And indeed for Adam Smith, those were his thoughts. When he got his first job at Golden Spoon, Stevenson Ranch, during that summer between 11th and 12th grade, it was just that. A first job. He recalls that on his first day he couldn’t even swirl the yogurt right (which clearly is no longer the case).


Yet in time, he started to enjoy the interaction with the customers and all the happy faces, and he learned more about the business side as he became the manager. And so, in 2011 when the opportunity presented itself, he purchased a Golden Spoon of his own in Calabasas. That’s right. He went from working at a Golden Spoon, to owning his very own shop (the one the Kardashians go to). But, the story doesn’t end there.


In addition to now owning three locations (yes, that’s right! 3!) he is also a corporate trainer for Golden Spoon. As he worked his way up within the company, the Stevenson Ranch location went up for sale in January 2015, and Adam bought it. That’s right, life came full circle for Adam. The same store that he had started at as a teenager was now his own. But the drive and determination that he has pushed him to expand further, and as of last week, his third location on Copper Hill is open and serving. Oh, did I mention that he’s only 26?


Yet, there is something very special about the new Copperhill location (by Albertsons). It is a pilot store, and is setting the tone for the future of the franchise. It is the very first Golden Spoon that is self serve and has a distinctly modern look. Adam designed the store himself, every last detail, and he was put to task to produce a location that could set the new look of Golden Spoon. He didn’t show corporate the final product until it was ready, and needless to say, corporate loved it. And, I think people in Santa Clarita will love it as well.


This is not the Golden Spoon of yesteryear. Any preconceived notions I had from visiting a certain location near a bullseye went out the window as soon as I walked in. This place is clean, aesthetically pleasing, and has a variety of flavors (which will be rotated).


There is seating against the wall, and small tables near the front, and the back row has the self serve machines.


You simply grab a cup (or waffle bowl) and serve yourself. You are charged by weight.



Customers can choose from fresh fruit, candy, syrups, nuts, chocolate…the combinations are endless.


Customers can choose the flavors individually, or pull the lever in the center and try a swirl of perfectly paired flavors, in this case Just Chocolate and Vanilla.


On the day I visited, I tried Mai Tai and European Tart together, which was the perfect combination topped with sour gummies (my favorite). Golden Spoon has hired Kevin Dahl at a corporate level to reformulate some of the existing flavors and come up with new ones as well.


There’s something that just feels right about this store. Yes, it may be a franchise, but I love a good success story. Adam is all about community…his community. He could have continued to expanded elsewhere, but instead he chose to come home. Of course he wants to be successful, but he also has the desire to enrich and enhance our community and support schools and non profits through fundraisers and donations.


Golden Spoon Copper Hill’s Grand opening is scheduled for June 24-26 with a full weekend of free yogurt (6oz per person per day). But, it is open and serving as of last week.


This Golden Spoon is located at 23886 Copper Hill Dr, Santa Clarita, CA 91354 (same shopping center as Albertsons)

Copyrighted photos used with photographer’s permission.