Delicious. Almost.

Dario’s Opens Second Location in Canyon Country

There are certain restaurants in Santa Clarita that have truly stood the test of time and have regulars that will show up at the same time each week, sit at their special booth, and have their usual. In a city like Santa Clarita where people rush to the newest place and forget about it months later, places like Dario’s are special. A testament to the lasting power of beloved restaurants. Sometimes it isn’t about the food, but it is about a memory tied to the place.

darios16I know people that had their first date at Dario’s, have celebrated anniversaries and special occasions there, and are now introducing a new generation to their favorite place. So after 20 something years of business at their original location in Newhall, it makes sense that Dario’s would open a second location across town in Canyon Country. Taking over the Don Cuco’s/Flavors spot, as of today Dario’s Canyon Country is open and serving.


Dario’s serves Mexican food, and they serve a strong margarita to match! This post wont be so much about the food, since this is just a first look and Mexican food is so subjective anyway, plus Dario’s is so beloved by many. I’m not a regular at Dario’s, I’ve only been to the original location a handful of times, if that tells you anything, but what I do appreciate is a good local small business owner story of success in the restaurant world. So, here goes…


The original Dario’s is owned by two brothers that came to Santa Clarita in the 80s. They opened Dario’s on Newhall Avenue and over the years it has become a Santa Clarita classic. And although they are still involved in the daily operations, this location is owned/managed by their son/nephew Omar. Omar grew up in Santa Clarita (he’s a Hart High grad), and lives down the street from the new location. He wanted the chance to grow the family business and expand to a second location. When the Don Cuco’s spot opened up, it was the perfect place to add to the Dario’s empire.


In talking to Omar today, it is obvious he is passionate about continuing the legacy that his family has built and that is admirable. In doing the hiring, he was adamant that he wanted friendly servers (not robots) and to really have a welcoming atmosphere. And I must say this was evident today, because the service was great. For being their first day open, everyone knew their information and everything went smoothly.  He also wants to keep the food the same as the original Dario’s and he wants to stay consistent.


As far as future plans go, starting next month they will have the banquet room ready for special events. As soon as next week they plan to introduce happy hour, although they are still finalizing the hours. As for Sunday Brunch, they’ll have omelettes, fresh tortillas their famous menudo (rojo), aguas frescas, quesadillas, and more. Priced at $18.95 you can make a reservation for parties of 4 or more.


More than anything, Omar wants to keep it simple. Good food, good service, and good drinks. Omar says “we give a good drink. We don’t like being tight with portions!”

darios9Speaking of liquor, right now the patio is closed off because their license only covers the inside of the restaurant. They are working hard to extend the liquor license to the outside patio, so hopefully by summer it will be ready. For now, enjoy your drinks at your table or hang out in the bar area.


There has been a lot of anticipation for this new location, with people calling daily waiting for the doors to open. Dario’s is a beloved business around these parts, and they’ve held their own in Newhall for years. Let’s now welcome the next generation to Canyon Country.


Dario’s Canyon Country is located at 27249 1/2 Camp Plenty Road.