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The BEST Cookies in Santa Clarita: The D.W. Cookie Company

On April 18th, 2014, I discovered a brilliant little six month old cookie shop in Canyon Country that was the complete embodiment of a small local business owner that followed his dreams. After my article came out (on at the time) it seemed like the Santa Clarita Foodies group was full of D.W. mentions, which was great! And now, two years later, I felt it was time to once again talk about one of my favorite local businesses, The D.W. Cookie company!


D.W. stands for Devar Ward, who will win you over with his charm and his cookies! After years of winning over his coworkers with his cookies, which led to special orders, he realized he had something good going on, and so after 15 years in the corporate world, he left to start the D.W. Cookie Company. Raised in Brooklyn, Ward learned to bake from his grandmother, and he still uses her recipes to this day. Dressed like a gentleman always, D.W. is only open Monday through Friday, and has really become the go-to cookie guy in town.


My favorite special on the menu board is 2 cookies + milk (or coffee or Coke). Chilled milk and cookies make for the perfect after school treat!


The cookie selection changes daily, but there is something for every craving. I have yet to have a bad cookie at this place, but my favorites have always been The Chippy and The Liz. I am convinced that these are the most glorious cookies Santa Clarita has ever seen. The D.W. Cookie Company uses only the best ingredients, and there really is a lot of care taken to ensure the quality and consistency of the cookies. They are made in small batches all day long, so yes, at times your favorite might be sold out for the day, but you can always call ahead or place an order for pick up. Plus, they even make giant cookies for special occasions!


And now, for the best kept secret…the ice cream at this shop is some of the best I’ve had in town. Made at the shop daily, they don’t have many flavors, but the cheesecake has always been my go to. This summer they plan to introduce ice cream sandwiches and blended drinks with cookie crumbles.


The D.W. Cookie company is located in at 18962 Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country, in the same shopping center as Bob’s Country Meats. They are only open Monday through Friday, and can be reached at (661) 505-0781. And make sure to like them over on Facebook too!