Delicious. Almost.

Exclusive: La Michoacana Helados y Paletas is Coming to Newhall

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the lease being signed for Santa Clarita’s newest addition: La Michoacana Helados y Paletas. No, this is not related to the one in the valley, but the basics will be the same. Paletas, nieve, cueritos. The usual.

If you have spent any time in Mexico at all, then you know that there are literally ice cream shops called La Michoacana on every corner. And they aren’t all under the same umbrella either. Like how there is Tommies, but there’s also Tommy’s, and even Tomy’s. They offer the same time of food, but they aren’t all related.

For years I have been linking to THIS ARTICLE whenever I talk about La Michoacana.

Although, at first glance, all La Michoacana stores appear to be alike, important differences indicate that they do not belong to a single franchise. The name suggests a common origin in the state of Michoacán, which stretches from the Pacific to central Mexico.

And while the shop coming to Santa Clarita has a relationship with three stores in Santa Rosa, this will be independently owned by Monica Claros.

This shop will fittingly take over the Gelado spot which closed earlier this year (the owners are relocating to Las Vegas). The former owner of Gelado (Paco Aguilar) is consulting on the project.

Homemade paletas and nieve right here in SCV? Pues si.

We do not have a projected opening date yet, but I have been working hard to confirm this scoop for some time. Now that the lease is signed, the waiting game begins.


Photo courtesy of CITY FOODSTERS on Flickr