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Did Tilted Kilt Tilt Too Far?

Courtesy Mike Mozart via Flickr
Courtesy Mike Mozart via Flickr

Rumors are flying that Tilted Kilt, a non-traditional pub on Town Center Drive has closed it’s doors. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that rumor, but this time may be closer to reality than previously. A number of sources have indicated that the restaurant’s owners were contemplating shuttering temporarily, and reopening as a different concept.

Calls to the restaurant were unanswered after 11am this morning, when the restaurant was to have opened. A spokesperson at Tilted Kilt’s corporate offices in Tempe, AZ were unaware of any intention by the local franchisee, R&J Kilts, LLC, to close the restaurant.

Update: Jessica Boyer at KHTS is reporting that Tilted Kilt’s corporate office is now confirming that the restaurant is closing.