Delicious. Almost.

Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders is Coming to Santa Clarita

We’ve known this for a while but wanted to make sure the ink was dry (and the sign was up) before breaking the news. Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders is a small roaster based in southern California. They have two coffee shops in Orange County, and are opening another one right here in Santa Clarita!

Per their website:


The Bodhi Leaf has long been a symbol for peace, happiness, prosperity, longevity and good luck. It is a reminder of the ultimate potential that lies within us all.  We use this philosophy to continually build and strengthen relationships with coffee farmers and their families all over the world.  These relationships allow us to provide high end specialty coffee directly from their farms to your cup.



Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders is opening in the Schooner’s shopping center in Saugus (or is it Canyon Country or Valencia?). We will bring you more information and a first look as soon as it opens.

For now, it looks like SCV’s coffee game is really stepping up. We look forward to seeing what Bodhi Leaf brings to town.