Delicious. Almost.

Restaurant Hack: King Kogy Meat and Kimchi Fries

Welcome to our second installment of our new series: Restaurant Hacks! Today I headed over to King Kogy, which I wrote about a few months ago HERE. They offer up globally inspired cuisine, and we’ve become fans here at eatSCV.


A restaurant hack is when a place creates a new dish or menu offering consisting of items they already have available. King Kogy has fries on the menu, but they also have a variety of meats all cooked on a spit. So for today’s restaurant hack, the owners decided to combine your choice of meat + fries and top them with wasabi cream and kimchi. The result is King Kogy’s version of carne asada fries!


You can choose to top your fries with either citrus herb chicken, j-jerk chicken, savory BBQ beef, or spicy BBQ pork. The wasabi cream and kimchi are the default toppings of choice at the moment, but the nice thing about King Kogy is that it is all about choice. If you don’t want the kimchi, or if you want a different sauce, they can do that. And while this is not an official menu item yet, they are making their debut on eatSCV and you can definitely go and order them starting today! If there is enough interest, they will end up as a permanent menu item! I liked my savory beef meat fries, so let’s get them on the menu! As always, the owners are open to feedback, so make sure you tell them what you think!


The next item, which we’ll just call King Kogy Potato Balls, are still in the research and development phase, but may end up as a limited run special. When we think of potato balls, we think of Porto’s, right? So what happens if you take the same concept but use Panko and fill them with King Kogy’s citrus herb chicken? You get some awesome fusion potato balls!

kingkogypotato2Perfectly seasoned and flavorful, I tried them with King Kogy’s roasted garlic aioli and avocado cream sauce (which has a hint of spice thanks to some jalapeƱos). Sidenote: I really like the sauces that King Kogy makes in house.

kingkogysauceThe meat fries are available now, but the potato balls aren’t quite ready for prime time. But, maybe if we ask them about the potato balls enough they’ll be available sooner rather than later, right?

You can get your meat fries at King Kogy, located at 28108 Newhall Ranch Road, Valencia, CA 91355 (in the Chipotle shopping center).