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The Ultimate eatSCV Coming Soon Guide – Fall Edition

I’m always working hard to get the scoops on the latest openings in town. Sometimes it comes in the form of a random text at a late hour or a message through social media, but the majority of my scoops come in the form of randomly walking past a sign on a window and asking questions. We thought it would be a good idea to round up the news for you today, and as always, tips are always appreciated! Call me. XoXo.

This will be an ongoing list that will be updated as we add more places.


 The Backyard Grub n Brews

26509 Golden Valley Road


This one surprised all of us. The Backyard Grub n Brews, which promises breakfast, lunch, and dinner is coming along next to Rattler’s. This comes to us courtesy of the well known Dink’s family, who started two successful bagel places in town (although the service at times left a lot to be desired) however thanks to SCV Foodie Ness R. we were reminded that they no longer own the two Dink’s in Valencia. It looks like they are making a comeback (or starting fresh) with another gastropub type concept (last seen as the 42nd Street Deli at the Westfield patios). We didn’t see this coming. But hey, if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Try again.


Poki & Pho

26580 Bouquet Canyon Road


Not sure what to make of this one. The buildout hasn’t even started, but this spot located to the left (to the left) of Boba Master is owned by Quanshu Chen. There is a poke and pho concept in Garden Grove (per my searching they do not seem to be related) but if the Poke/Pho name is any indication, maybe this place will be similar to Poki Naya. We’ll update this list as soon as we learn more.


The Bearded Lady

19010 Soledad Canyon Road



I would have never found this scoop if I hadn’t been tipped off, so thanks! This place takes over the H&H Fish & Chips restaurant which had been around ever since I can remember. Based on the signs it seems H&H was evicted, which has made way for The Bearded Lady to open up. Not much is known about this place, and it is still in the very early stages, but we’ll be sure to report back as soon as we learn more. It is located to the left of Bob’s Country Meats in the same shopping center as my favorite D.W. Cookie Company.


My Hot Pot

26238 Bouquet Canyon Road

Although we lost Welik, it seems a hot pot restaurant is opening up in the vacant spot. I’ve longed for a hot pot restaurant in Santa Clarita, since it is something I grew up eating, and finally it is happening. We just don’t know when. I’ll probably Uber there though, because parking in this shopping center can be difficult at times. Either way, this is going to be something new for town. Can we get a dumpling house next please? I’ve only been waiting 30+ years.


Pacific Pizza Co.

Santa Clarita, and Beyond


I’ve been waiting to talk about this one ever since I first saw it. Currently putting the finishing touches on a custom former Snap-On truck, this custom build will boast a wood burning oven. They aren’t new to the pizza game though. Having started a successful mobile pizza business in the Pacific Northwest (which still exists today) the owner and his wife wanted to move back to their hometown of Santa Clarita. So, we’ll soon be able to enjoy their hand crafted pizzas that are truly unlike anything we have here (and we have a lot of pizza places). Take a stroll through their Instagram @pacificpizzaco to get a taste of what is to come. They’ll be hitting the streets soon, and I’ll have a full report. Photo taken from their Instagram.


Flame & Skewers

Granary Square

This mini chain out of Bakersfield is coming to Granary Square. In a town dominated by Sam (of Flaming Grill fame) this is a welcome change. With three locations in Bakersfield, perhaps SCV is their next step towards future franchise expansion into Southern California. You can check out their website HERE.


There’s a couple more scoops I’m working on, but these will do for now.