Delicious. Almost.

Flame and Skewers Mediterranean Restaurant Opens in Granary Square

So the first thing people are going to ask is: how does this compare to Zankou? The answer is simple. It doesn’t. They don’t have rotisserie chicken for starters. But it is enough to fulfill the occasional kabob and shawarma craving. It is also a suitable replacement for that local “flaming grill” that has been slowly going down hill in recent years.

Flame and Skewers started in Bakersfield (they have a couple of locations there) and the company has recently started franchising, with new locations opening up throughout California and now one located within Granary Square. At first glance the prices seem very reasonable, but just be mindful that you have to pay up for certain options. Like, if you want to upgrade the salad it ends up being a few bucks more.

I ordered the chicken kabob plate that was advertised by the counter but when I was offered the option to upgrade for a few dollars more I went for it (I was hangry). My order came with three sides so I picked hummus, rice, and fries. Eh.

The beef plate also came with three sides, sorry for the focus issues. I was hangry, remember?

Yes they have garlic sauce. No, it doesn’t compare. This one is creamy. And you have to pay extra for it, although the cashier was nice enough to give it to me because I didn’t know and asked for some after I got my meal. I’m not sure how much it usually is, but if you want garlic sauce make sure you order it with your meal.

We don’t have a ton of mediterranean options in town, and Sam’s has been awful the last few times I’ve gone. And while I do enjoy going to Glendale or the valley for my fix, I welcome a place that is close to home and has plenty of seating. The location just feels nice and new (it is a new interior buildout afterall). I might give it another go in a few weeks if I find myself at Ralphs since it is right next door. I feel like the neighborhood along this stretch of McBean will embrace this restaurant because it is so close to home, I mean, you can only have The Habit or The Alamo so many times in a week, amiright?

Flame and Skewers is located in Granary Square at 25870 McBean Pkwy in Valencia. Definitely let us know what you think over in the Santa Clarita Foodies group on Facebook!