Delicious. Almost.

Mama’s Table is Now Open and Serving A Little of Everything in Valencia

The owners of Mama’s Table are not new to the restaurant game, but they are new to Santa Clarita. After running a successful restaurant in Washington for 9 years, they decided to sell and start new in SoCal. I’m not sure what kind of restaurant they ran before moving, but Mama’s Table truly offers a ton of options. Like, a lot. Like a diner.

I wonder how this place will be received by local residents. I think they’ll enjoy that the restaurant is pretty big and has a lot of tables (booths and tables). However, all of the choices can be overwhelming. If the place gets busy they are going to have to add more staff or trim the menu.

Let’s start with the soup. They offer different homemade options daily, including the taco soup pictured above, which at first glance looks like chili, but truly lives up to the name. Where as the clam chowder soup pictured below was probably the favorite dish of the night because it was so rich and buttery.

They have a salad bar option that can be added to most dishes. Pretty basic stuff, but they also have a lot of fruit items (and whipped cream) so I wonder if it also doubles as a dessert bar of some sort. Not sure.

The chef they hired used to work at an Italian restaurant in Westlake Village, so of course there is an Italian section in the menu.

Served with garlic toast (you all know I’m obsessed with Sizzler garlic toast).

Despite the extensive menu, this isn’t fast food, as in, the food doesn’t come out super quick. Be prepared to wait because it is new, and because there are just so many different options.

If I had to make a guess, I would say that breakfast is going to be their big selling point.

People like me that are up at 5:30am daily and never have time for breakfast, can appreciate the option of being able to get pancakes and waffles in the late afternoon or evening. And one of the many things people in SCV complain about is the lack of breakfast options. So, here you go. Plus Denny’s and IHOP gets pretty tiring after a while, and this place has a much nicer ambience.

And they have homemade pie!

I have to end this post by saying the following. The owner is so kind and enthusiastic. He is happy to be in town, and this is literally a mom and pop. His wife bakes the pies and helps with the cooking. There were frustrating moments throughout the meal, but when he came to talk to the table, his happiness was contagious. Please be understanding in that this is a new place, and despite being in the industry for years, they are going to have to go through an adjustment period. It is inevitable from what we experienced. I will be going back to Mama’s Table one day, maybe in a few weeks, maybe in a few months. But I’ll definitely be back eventually.

Mama’s Table is located in the former Freshworks space on Cinema Drive.

23340 Cinema Dr, Santa Clarita, CA 91355