Authentic Street Tacos Come to Santa Clarita! Finally!

Finally! The day has come. Authentic, unlicensed, street tacos have come to the Santa Clarita Valley! Tipped off by one of my best friends, I finally got to try these tacos yesterday, and I can see myself there daily. At only $1 each, these tacos feature handmade tortillas and carne asada that is grilled over charcoal. Yes, you leave smelling like charcoal, but who cares! These tacos are amazing.


The set up is simple and nothing fancy. As this popular tire business (they’ve been around since I was in kindergarten) closes for the day, two tables and a grill are set up in the parking lot. The tortillas are made to order and the meat is cut up right in front of you. The tacos (plural, because trust me, you can’t eat just one) are then topped with the most wonderful avocado sauce and salsa if you want it. I’m not big on spicy, but the flavor of this salsa really completed the taco.



In my travels throughout Baja and Mexico, I have indulged in many a taco, and I’ve also eaten at various stands throughout Los Angeles, and I’m so excited that finally, we have street tacos in town. So, put away your passports and head on over and crush some tacos. As much as I would love to give you the exact address, hustling food on the streets is illegal, and most certainly will get shut down within a few days. So, for the sake of keeping these tacos around for a while, I have chosen not to list the address. So, you best ask somebody. Personally, I’ll be there with my crew tonight. They open 6 days a week, opting to take Monday off, and they don’t set up until the sun is starting to set because the three people that run this stand have day jobs. Also, this post will serve to see who actually reads my articles vs looking at pictures, because this is totally a joke. Check the date, my friends.