Newhall Refinery Brings Craft Cocktails to SCV

Photo Courtesy Wikipedia

Since Newhall Refinery opened in Old Town Newhall, their selection of beers has consistently what many consider to be the best in Santa Clarita. Always rotating, they were sure to have a beer that paired nicely with whatever is on the ever evolving menu. But, not everyone is a beer drinker, and some wished they could just enjoy a great cocktail to go along with their meal.

You’re wish is their command. Starting today, Newhall Refinery will offer a selection of spirits and cocktails to meet that need. Staying true to the Refinery’s tradition, you’re not going to see any Stoli, Jose Cuervo Gold or Jack Daniel’s behind the bar, but only hand selected craft spirits.

I’ve often thought that an Old Fashioned would go great with some of the meals I’ve had at Newhall Refinery, and thankfully they agree, as they’re relying heavily on various whiskeys from all over the world for the bulk of their spirits. Our good friend Eve Bushman has more details on what exactly they’re pouring on Main Street, with a full list of spirits and the cocktails on her blog Eve’s Wine 101. (Click for more!)

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