Yes Santa Clarita, there is a Dunkin’ Donuts!

IMG_9524A crowd of about 75 eager patrons was on hand this morning as the Santa Clarita Valley saw the doors open on its first Dunkin’ Donuts location. The store opened shortly after 4:30am Wednesday morning after a brief countdown and immediately coffee and various coffee blended drinks were the first items ordered, with breakfast sandwiches and the first dozen donuts not far behind.

The first dozen donuts from Santa Clarita's first Dunkin' Donuts
The first dozen donuts from Santa Clarita’s first Dunkin’ Donuts

Adam Lieberman of Santa Clarita was first in line. Originally from the Boston area, he had been waiting a long time for the franchise to make its way to the west coast. Adam and his wife Sally, who was the first customer through the drive-thru line, and their two daughters Anna and Emma spent the night in line to be the first customers of the new store, after having staked their place at 6:00pm on Tuesday night.

The family was rewarded for their patience with free coffee and donuts for a year for being the first customer, in the form of $700 worth of gift cards.

The Lieberman Family, (from left) Sally, Anna, Adam and Emma.
The Lieberman Family, (from left) Sally, Anna, Adam and Emma.

“We live just around the corner from here” Adam said. “This is on my way to work, so it will come in handy!”

“We love Dunkin’ Donuts” Sally added, herself originally from New York. “Whenever we go home back east it’s our first stop! When I was pregnant, I had it shipped in via FedEx, I was craving it that bad.”

Dunkin’ Donuts
27125 Sierra Highway
Santa Clarita, CA 91351