The Teapot Cafe: Kid Friendly Restaurant Now Open in Saugus

When rumors started that a teapot cafe would be coming to SCV, speculation started on what exactly it would be. The obvious idea was that it would be a tea house, but now that The Teapot Cafe is actually open, we’ve come to find out it is actually much more than that.


The Teapot Cafe is a much needed spot in Santa Clarita. It is catered to families, and the aim is to be able to provide an atmosphere where parents can have a nice meal while their kids get to have some fun (and a nice meal too). They do that by providing a children’s play area with qualified supervisors.


During my visit, I saw it both ways. Some parents dropped off their kids in the play area and grabbed a table nearby and enjoyed a meal, where as other parents opted to enter the play area with their kids while they waited for the food to come. Either way is okay at this cafe. The food is brought to the table, so as long as your table marker is visible, you don’t have to worry about waiting for your name to be called.



As the name implies, yes they have a nice variety of teas (both hot and iced) as well as smoothies. They also have a beer and wine list featuring Wolf Creek and Reyes Winery, two well known local businesses. They even mention that they are proud to serve locally sourced beer and wine on their menu.


The menu has typical hamburgers, salads, pizzas, pastas, and some heavier entrees. Since we wanted to get a feel for the menu, we ordered a variety of items, starting with Chef Sang’s summer salad. This is the half salad portion with added chicken making this $7.99. We actually enjoyed the salad, and it was the one portion we thought was pretty generous.


They have a nice oven that you see as soon as you walk inside, and they utilize it for make flatbreads and pizzas. Below is the pesto shiitake flatbread, decently priced at $6.49.


The pizzas are a little on the small size, but make a good quick meal.


They currently have 11 items on the kids menu, including the typical chicken nuggets, kids pizza, chicken strips, spaghetti and meatballs, and more. They have this separate seating area that is kid friendly, which would be nice for a kids birthday party or outing. Although most of the kids we saw were seated in the dining area with their parents.


The dishes from the kids menu are served on colorful plastic plates, which is a nice touch. These are the mac and cheese balls, and even though this was a kids item, we enjoyed it.


One of the heavier entrees is pictured below. The lemon pepper cod is priced at $13.99 and is served with a side of vegetables. The vegetables tasted fresh and flavorful, but the cod portion was a little on the small side and even after adding the lemon, it was still pretty flavorless.


We ended our meal with a mango mousse cake, pictured below.


I can see The Teapot Cafe being  go-to spot for many SCV families. It is a nice open restaurant, the tables are comfortably spread out, and they are currently working on an outdoor patio. The food was okay, but the portions were small. Even after dropping $45 we left hungry. I think it is a good spot for a quick bite, and parents can enjoy themselves and kids will be entertained in the play area. Despite the fact that they had only been open for a few days, we had great service and there were no issues with getting our food. Every employee was pleasant, including the girl supervising the play area. Definitely a nice and friendly atmosphere while we were there (and no I didn’t announce that I was with eatSCV, this was totally a genuine experience).


The Teapot Cafe

27647 Bouquet Canyon Road, Saugus

Open 9-9