The Shrimp Haus: A Tutorial with Photos

With the opening of The Shrimp Haus, we decided to create a tutorial for those that may be new to the concept this restaurant offers. I happened to have lunch here with a seasoned Boiling Crab veteran (who also happens to be my best friend), and even I learned a thing or two!

This tutorial is a “how to” that pairs perfectly with the 1lb bag of shrimp. So, put on your bib and begin! They will offer you gloves, but no thanks.

This tutorial is very much hands on.

Did I mention you should put on your bib? Trust.


Step 1: Take your bag out of the bucket and place it on the table (which is covered with a sheet of paper).


From here you can choose to dump out your contents on the table or eat from the open bag. We opted for the open bag  to keep all the juices contained.


Step 2: Take a shrimp in one hand and tear off the head with the other. Don’t be afraid to suck the juices out of the shrimp head. It is full of flavor. Optionally (ideally), you can suck the body of the shrimp prior to peeling. Especially if you got the medley seasoning. There’s so much flavor.


Step 3: Use the thumb method (demonstrated below) to peel the shrimp.




Step 4: You should now have a perfectly peeled shrimp that looks like this! Dip that shrimp back into your bag and absorb all those juices. Now dip it again and eat!


Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 over and over and over and over until you have no more shrimp left. Your bag/table should then look like this. You’ve done it! You’ve conquered a whole pound of shrimp.


Optional: My friend ordered a side of garlic bread, which I questioned him about, but he told me to trust him (seasoned pro, remember?) and soon it all made sense.


Dip that bread, my friends!




So, there you have it! The SCVFoodies guide to properly eating at The Shrimp Haus, and maximizing the flavor of your experience. There is a roll of paper towels on the table, and although it is tempting to grab a clean paper towel every two seconds, try to resist. Your hands are just going to keep getting dirty as you eat. However, when you are done, they bring you a hand wipe. I brought my own ChapStick though (protip).


You can ready the full write up HERE. The Shrimp Haus is open daily from 11am – 10pm. SCVFoodies approved!

The Shrimp Haus

25373 Wayne Wills Place

Valencia, CA