SCV Burger Wars: Fast Food Battle

Welcome to the SCV Burger Wars!

We’re on a quest to find the best burger in the Santa Clarita Valley. We’re lucky that we have so many options for burgers, from fast food to gourmet and everything in between. So we need your help. We want you to tell us your experiences with burgers in these well known Santa Clarita Valley restaurants. Starting this week, with fast food.

We’re talking about places that you drive through and order at the speaker, your burger is ready when you’re at the window (or pretty close to it). Don’t worry, we’ll get to the other drive-up places in a later survey. Right now, we’re sticking with the national drive-through chains.

So think back to the last time you had a burger from these places, and give us your impressions. It doesn’t matter what kind of burger you had, if it was a simple plain cheeseburger or if it was the ultra deluxe mc king with baconator. Just let us know how it went for you.

Ready? Lets go!

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Photo by Marshall Astor, used under a Creative Commons License.