Restaurant Hack: Rustic Burger and Speakeasy Bakery Edition

Today, we are introducing a new series here on eatSCV. Restaurant Hacks! Rustic Burger is no stranger to me, as I admittedly go way back with the Rustic crew, full disclosure. I consider them to be really great friends of mine which stems from being a regular (back to the Fish Tail days), and the same goes for Scott and Todd as well. Luckily, along with being regulars, Rustic Burger happens to be a fan of The Speakeasy Bakery and so, this series is born.

RB7One cloudy day, The Speakeasy Bakery decided to hand out some free bread at the Bridgeport Marketplace. Faced with a couple of loaves left (which the geese didn’t want), we headed to Rustic Burger for lunch, and that’s when Alex Rush, owner, offered to make us patty melts using the leftover Speakeasy bread.


Rustic Burger grinds their patties fresh daily, and that really sets them apart from other burger places in town. So that patty combined with freshly baked Speakeasy bread was really magical. It should be noted that Rustic Burger also bakes their buns fresh everyday, so a burger from them is already top notch any day! Plus, their sister restaurant Rustic Eatery bakes amazing sourdough and rustic bread daily in their wood burning oven.


There may have been some expletives used when the patty melts were brought to the table.


But the real testament was when Speakeasy Bakery owner Scott Ervin (Uncle Scott to those in the know) took a bite and gave his seal of approval.


A patty melt consists of bread, a ton of butter, a burger patty, onions, and cheese. A lot of cheese. They are messy, but done right, the patty melt turns into the perfect comfort food on any day of week.


Will a patty melt ever find its way onto the Rustic Burger menu? Who knows. But, it was fun to taste the possibility.

Learn more about The Speakeasy Bakery at

Visit Rustic Burger at 24025 Newhall Ranch Rd. in Valencia

And don’t forget about Rustic Eatery at 25343 Wayne Mills Place in Valencia