Update: Milkshake Mania to Close Doors

Update 8/19 @ 6:40pm

It is now certain that Milkshake Mania will be closing its doors, possibly as early as this weekend. Julie Burns, co-owner confirmed to eatSCV that the store will close, despite efforts to keep it open by a GoFundMe campaign. “We have other full-time jobs” Burns said in a phone interview Wednesday evening. “My partner and I are pretty busy with that and we just don’t have time to dedicate to the store anymore.”

Burns appreciated the effort by her friend Lucy Russo to keep the store open.

“She means well, but I don’t think we can even accept a gift like that” Burns said, referring to the GoFundMe terms and conditions.

The final day for the store is still pending, but Burns expects it to be soon.

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An alleged change in the partnership structure has prompted a local woman to launch a crowdfunding effort to save a Santa Clarita milkshake shop. A GoFundMe page created by Lucy Russo claims that Milkshake Mania needs to raise $12,000 by Friday, August 21 or the store will close.

Russo, who claims to be a friend of Milkshake Mania’s co-owner Julie Burns explained that there is an ongoing shakeup in the partnership of the business which requires the significant funds to be raised quickly or the store will be forced to close.

Photo by Lady Ducayne via
Photo by Lady Ducayne via

“She’s my best friend and I want to help” Russo told eatSCV. “She has great employees [and] loves this place, but she’s in a hard spot.”

Opened in April, 2013 the idea for Milkshake Mania was conceived on a girls weekend in Las Vegas between Julie and her partners Wendy and Vicki according to a video profile of the store on

Requests for comment from Burns have not been returned as of press time. Employees at the store were unaware of the situation when asked.