Marciano’s Chicago Style Deli is Now Open in Canyon Country

After a slight delay to ensure that they got things “just right” the highly anticipated Marciano’s Chicago Style Deli finally opened on March 11 in Canyon Country. Located in the former Jersey Mike’s location in the same shopping center as the Canyon Country Jo Anne Darcy library, the space isn’t very big, but their sandwiches are!


Before I get down to the details, I have to commend Marciano’s for taking the time to train their employees, all the while managing their social media accounts (the videos on their Facebook page are great), and having a detailed website up and running in anticipation of their opening. I especially enjoyed reading the about section:

Marciano’s Chicago Style Deli is a tribute to not only to my grandparents, my father, and my family but also to the great food and culture that came out of this countries great depression era. I chose the Chicago Deli theme based on it’s rich diversity and character. Chicago, throughout the years is not only known for it’s great food but also it’s music, comedy, sports, and industry. It has formed so many well known staples in this country that I believe it’s time to celebrate it here on the west coast. Marciano’s will be the very first and as of now only Chicago Style Deli in the Santa Clarita valley. I hope you will come and enjoy our traditional flavorful food and celebrate with us what a old time family deli should be….

There are about 20+ sandwich options on the menu and they come in small ($9) or large ($12-$13). The large sandwiches are really the way to go. At $13, they really don’t skimp on the fillings! My goodness! Pictured below is the Papa Ron Italian Cold Cut sandwich stuffed with genoa salami, spicy aged copicola, mortadella, prosciutto, provolone, deli mustard, with garlic olive oil and vinaigrette on an Italian hoagie roll.


The meats are all incredibly fresh and sliced in house. They even have a deli case where you can purchase meats by the pound. The next sandwich we tried was the Noni’s Meatball ($13 for the large). Using a recipe passed down from Noni, these meatballs are handmade in house. The sandwich is stuffed with meatballs, homemade marinara, parmesan, and topped with melted mozzarella, served on their Italian roll.


Next, we tried Da Beef, slow cooked top round roast beef made in house, seasoned with their own blend of Italian spices, and topped with bell peppers and onions. This sandwich is served “wet” on a hoagie roll, and it is full of flavor, albeit on the spicy side! Fair warning.


I’ve been to Chicago twice in the past few months, and in those visits I’ve been mainly eating. And despite focusing mainly on high end restaurants that the city has to offer, in February I finally had a Chicago Style Hot Dog, complete with all the fixings. I’m no expert, by any means, but the Chicago Style Dog offered at Marciano’s is pretty spot on! They are using Vienna beef and proudly state that they are sourcing other items straight from Chicago as well.


I really enjoyed everything I tried at Marciano’s Chicago Style Deli. I think this place fits in nicely in Santa Clarita, and definitely fills a void. This is a locally owned small business centered around family (the owner’s son was happily greeting customers and even cleaning up tables), and the idea of opening up this deli stems from childhood memories. There’s nothing better than that.


This place is brand new, and the wait may be a little longer than anticipated, but be patient, and come hungry, because these sandwiches are the real deal. The restaurant only has a handful of tables inside, with a couple of tables outside. Otherwise there is a standing bar towards the entrance where you can hang out and eat.


For dessert, they have a Chicago style brownie which is made using a recipe from the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Apparently it has been very popular with customers so far.

Marciano’s Chicago Style Deli is located at 18635 Soledad Canyon Road #104 in Canyon Country.