Marciano’s Chicago Style Deli Introduces Their Twist on Chicago Pot Pie

This is NOT a pizza. This is Marciano’s Chicago Pot Pie, and you might as well head over there now because they are available by special order only, and people are already getting in line…


Marciano’s owner Brent Zega has been recipe testing his take on a Chicago Pot Pie and it is finally ready for prime time. It is similar to a stuffed crust pizza, however they don’t use pizza sauce (remember, this isn’t a pizza). Instead they use marinara sauce, yes, the same marinara sauce they use for their Nona’s Meatballs (the recipe is 90 years old). People can choose four fillings (veggies/meats) and the dough is light and buttery.


Zega says he has “raised the bar on this unique dish by making the bowl from the same dough it is topped with and saucing the top” and if these photos (from their Facebook) are any indication…this might be the next big thing in town. If you want to get an idea of the inspiration behind this dish, watch THIS video from Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinders company.


Marciano’s uses Chicago style pizza dough baked in the form of a large or small bowl. The bowl is then layered with cheese around the bottom and around the sides (low moisture mozzarella). Then they fill the bowl with your choice of fillings (up to 4). When it comes time to serve it, they flip the bowl. At pick up these will be waiting in donut boxes fully cooked, and just ready to be warmed up.


The double ($30) weighs 5 pounds and feeds 4 comfortably, but they have a regular size ($15) that feeds two. This is by pre order ONLY. Today is the very first day they are taking orders, however from here on out orders can be placed Wednesday through Sunday for pick up the following Wednesday (so a week turnaround).

If you want one by Thanksgiving, you want to place your order ASAP.

We here at eatSCV haven’t tried it yet, but wanted to get the word out. We’ll be picking ours up on Wednesday like everyone else. So, will we be seeing you at pick up?

Here’s all the info you need:

Step 1: Choose your size – Regular or Double

Step 2: Choose your filling (up to 4 total)

Meat: ham, salami, pepperoni, sausage

Vegetables: bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, olives

Step 3: Prepay – leave your name and number

Step 4: Pick up your fully cooked Chicago Pot Pie, ready to just heat and serve, next Wednesday!

Marciano’s Chicago Style Deli is located at 18635 Soledad Canyon RD #104, Canyon Country CA 91351 (same shopping center as the Canyon Country Library). You can go and place your order in person (and grab a sandwich while you are there).