Local SCV Resident Amanda Kramer Recreates West Collins’ Pasta With Jam Sauce

Wouldn’t it be interesting to give a 4 year old free reign to choose ingredients and come up with a dish for dinner? Better yet, what if your 4 year old came up with a dish for Thanksgiving? That’s what actor Misha Collins did in his beloved You Tube series Cooking Fast and Fresh with West. Collins let his son West cook whatever he wanted from ingredients the 4 year old picked at the grocery store. One of the most popular (as in most interesting) dishes was Pasta with Jam Sauce.


Local Saugus resident Amanda Kramer recreated the dish at home recently, and shared it with us here at SCV Foodies.



Pasta with Jam Sauce
These are the ingredients, as described by a 4 year old:


  • 5 inches of carrot juice
  • So many of the tomato sauce
  • 10 jam
  • 8 inches of blackberries
  • 3/4 of a bag of goldfish
Mix in a large bowl, then beat for texture.
Add an apple (whole) and pasta shaped like pinwheels (uncooked).
Continue to beat until desired texture is achieved.
Pour in an entire carton of orange juice (pulp optional).
Beat again with one beater in the bowl and one on the outside.
Add 4 inches of tomato sauce from a jar and an entire bag of milk chocolate chocolate chips.
Pour into a skillet and add all remaining pinwheel pasta.
Bring to a boil!
Now serve and enjoy!
Spoiler alert. It isn’t good, but it is definitely creative and Amanda gets major points for effort and presentation. So you may be wondering why Amanda decided to recreate this dish. Well, she is participating in GISHWHES (The Greatest Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen).


“It is a 5-time Guinness World Record breaking scavenger hunt. Thousands of participants from more than 100 countries are placed on 15-person teams and for one week, through laughter, blood, sweat and tears, they acquire items on a wild and jaw-dropping scavenger hunt list…We try to create a list that is challenging, thrilling and absurd. We like to see items that make us tear-up and laugh out loud. We like to have participants break out of their comfort zones, humiliate themselves a bit and do a bit of good in the world.”
When faced with task #38, she decided to turn to SCVFoodies for help. The task stated: It’s time the Internet’s burgeoning Culinary Master was recognized…or panned. Prepare West Collins’ “Pasta with Jam Sauceand have a noted food critic review it.

So, on behalf of SCV Foodies, we wish the best of luck to Amanda and the rest of her team as they compete in GISHWHES! Happy to help!


The team is made up of: Clayton Strohmenger, Steven Phelix, Erin Semple,Cassandra Tennison, Lesley Bright, Melissa Taylor, Juliana Cobb, Joshua Ward, Aubre Roberts, Kaitlyn Merton, Leslie Fruchey, Nikkole Merton, Kate Fruchey, and Aly Fruchey.