Las Tres Marias Tacos and Huaraches Opens in Canyon Country

Las Tres Marias Tacos and Huaraches opened in Canyon Country yesterday. It is a family owned restaurant serving Mexican food, and they seem to specialize in huaraches.


A huarache has an elongated fried masa base that is then topped with meat and salsa. We added salsa and toppings from the salsa bar to try to make it look better. I suspect they had packed it to go and simply dumped it onto a plate when they realized the mistake.

It is a new business, and clearly they have some things to work out. I got charged CRV for an agua fresca, and there was a huge gap of time from when the huarache was brought to the table to getting the rest of our order.

If anything, it is one more Mexican food option in Canyon Country, although I have my go-to spots already. I suppose if you find yourself in that shopping center (seems to be very popular) it can be convenient.

Let us know what YOU think of this place, over in the Santa Clarita Foodies group.

Las Tres Marias is located at 27125 Sierra Hwy in Canyon Country.