My Hot Pot Finally Arrives in Santa Clarita

For the past 25+ years, I’ve longed for a dumpling house and/or a hot pot restaurant in Santa Clarita. As of yesterday, we’ve got one of those. My Hot Pot took over the vacant Welik space in Saugus (?) and transformed it into a cute modern looking restaurant.

The menu is simple and includes appetizers, and a variety of hot pot choices suited to any taste. They were really nice about modifications and allowing us to omit certain items. We started with fried mushrooms which I have to say…were great. Especially considering I don’t like mushrooms. I couldn’t stop eating them. Ha.

We also ordered the popcorn garlic chicken to start ($5.95).

The deep fried pork belly ($7.95) can’t be missed.

There are different styles of hot pot out there, and the type I’m primarily used to is where you dip the ingredients into the hot pot. However, at My Hot Pot, the ingredients come already cooked in an individual pot that is placed on a burner in front of you.

This is the meat lover hot pot, and it totally lives up to the name.

This is the Tom Yummy Hot Pot which had the most flavor.

This is the OG Suki that came with rib eye, pork belly, pork loin, shrimp, clams, squid, clam, squid, fish, fish balls, tofu, egg, and glass noodles. Priced at only $15.95, this hearty dish came with two sauces and rice.

The broth, as it is brought to the table, does not have a ton of flavor, but that is what the sauces are for. You can either dip the meat/veggies/seafood into the sauce using your chopsticks, or dump the sauce into the broth (which is what I did). The chile lime sauce is not to be missed, but add it little by little because it can get spicy really quick. Personally, I loved the miso sauce mixed into my broth, but that’s personal preference. The best advice is to play around with the sauces, and get your perfect flavor.

My Hot Pot is a welcome addition not only to the neighborhood, but to the entire Santa Clarita Valley. It is the ONLY restaurant offering hot pot in town, and it is a locally owned small business. Yes, parking is going to be difficult once word gets out, but on cold nights like tonight, this is perfect sweater weather food. I really enjoyed my meal tonight, and I especially love having something new in town. I’ve grown up eating hot pot, and finally, after so many years, we have an actual hot pot restaurant in town! That’s amazing to me. Is a dumpling house next?

My Hot Pot is located at 26238 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 93560. The hours on the door are advertised as noon – 10pm, but you might want to call and confirm.