Haggen to close McBean location

Haggen Markets, struggling to earn profits and win customers after acquiring a large number of former Albertsons and Vons/Pavillions stores has announced that they will be closing a number of stores, including the store on McBean Parkway in Santa Clarita.

According to a press release, the stores closing will wind down operations over the next 60 days and then close while a buyer is sought for the property.

Haggen has been struggling to gain traction in the market after expanding from 18 stores to over 160 stores in the western US. Santa Clarita shoppers expressed displeasure with the store after the transition, citing high prices. Many members of the Santa Clarita Foodies Facebook group often found the two stores lacking patrons when they visited and remarked that they were unimpressed with the offerings.

Recent cost cutting moves include elimination of positions on a wide scale, which affected a large number of disabled employees and drew criticism.

Albertsons recently filed suit against Haggen claiming they were owed $36 million for grocery inventory handed over as the stores transitioned. Haggen disputes those claims.

More as this story develops.