Getting to Know The Shrimp Haus in Valencia


Shrimp Haus.

Yes, that’s right! The Shrimp Haus is officially open for business (as of yesterday), and I’ve already been there TWICE. In anticipation of the dozens of posts on SCVFoodies asking about this place, we decided to give you the lowdown on all things having to do with this Haus. Also be sure to check out our tutorial here.


The premise of this restaurant may not be new to those of us that have visited The Boiling Crab, but it certainly is a new concept for the SCV. Yes, they have a Thai menu, but trust me on this, the real beauty of this place comes from the steaming bags of seafood that come to your table in a bucket. And, there’s a reason they give you a bib! You’ll want to use it, trust me.


The seafood choices are shrimp, crawfish, lobster, crab legs, clams, mussels or a combo. Today we opted for just shrimp,  which is sold by the pound (and you get more than enough). If you are feeling adventurous you can add items to your bag (like sausage, corn, potatoes).


The next choices come in terms of seasoning, and although you can opt for original (Louisiana), garlic butter, lemon pepper, or Indian spice,  I highly highly highly recommend getting the medley, which is a mix of all the spices. Trust me. Lastly, you get to decide your spice level.


Once your bag arrives, you are free to dig in. Fair warning though, it can get very messy and you’ll be wanting to reach for a paper towel every two seconds. My recommendation is to just embrace it. Your hands are going to get dirty, you’ll get sauce on your chin, but that’s okay. Just enjoy it! I wouldn’t recommend this as a first date place (unless you want to test if you are dating an adventurous foodie) and you probably shouldn’t wear your favorite designer shirt (in case the bib doesn’t offer enough coverage). Just know that you are here to eat with your hands and have a good time.


The Shrimp Haus came together a result of a wonderful partnership and is the perfect example of the entrepreneurial spirit that we love to support here at SCVFoodies. There are a couple of players, starting with Angel (on the left) and Levy (on the right).


Let’s start with Angel (on the left). Does he look familiar? Well, if you remember Angel’s Wing Cafe in Saugus then you will surely recognize him. Angel’s Wings Cafe closed abruptly in 2008 due to his illness, but I’m happy to report that Angel is back, happy and healthy. Levy (on the right) had been wanting to open a restaurant here in town, something a little bit different, and knowing that Angel had restaurant experience, the partnership was a perfect one! Not pictured is John (another partner). So, how did they all meet? Well, they are all part of Rebel Cycling here in Santa Clarita. How cool is that? And Levy is no stranger to SCV, as his wife Francesca owns the gorgeous Stretto Salon in Stevenson Ranch.


They’ve got something good going on, and a nice story to go with it. Which brings me to their manager Bernard. He was the first to greet us, and I instantly knew he had a restaurant background because he knew what he was doing. Turns out Bernard just got back from France (his homeland), but had lived in Southern California for many years before then. As he said “we left with a cat and came back with a 3.5 year old daughter!” Bernard is the best! So attentive and nice to talk to.


The Shrimp Haus is SCVFoodies approved! They’ve only been for open for two days but we love their story, and we wish them the best of luck! So, what do you say SCVFoodies? Ready to get your hands dirty? This place is great for groups (they have booths that seat up to 10 people) and we highly recommend it. By next week they should have their beer and wine license, and they will be adding a boba bar. Make sure you read our tutorial before you go!


The Shrimp Haus

25373 Wayne Mills Place

Valencia, CA

Open 7 Days

11am – 10pm