Get your Happy Hour on SCV

Hanky Panky Cocktail

Our friends at the Facebook Group “Santa Clarita Community” recently asked its members, what do we need in the SCV. An alarming number of responses were posted, but throughout there was one recurring theme that stuck out: a nightlife.

By no means are we as bustling as New York or Downtown LA, but we’re certainly not completely void of any fun for grownups. And it starts with Happy Hour.

Some long-standing restaurants have a great happy hour. The Social in Newhall is a place that comes to mind right off the bat for a great martini. Newer restaurants are embracing the concept as well with places like Rustic Burger offering a burger and beer combo for $10.99 as a late night happy hour even.

Our good friend Eve Bushman put together a list of some of the great happy hours in the SCV over on her blog. Next time you want to unwind, and are looking for a new place`, check out her ever growing list at