Eat Real Cafe Opens Second Location in Valencia

Every time I get sick (which is often), I tell myself that I’m going to start eating healthier and taking better care of myself. I clean my Vitamix, make myself a green smoothie, but before long I’ve fallen back to my old habits – mainly overworking, under eating, and stressing over everything I need to get done. Whenever I get in this funk, I go to Eat Real Cafe in Newhall (which I first wrote about in 2013) where I eat a chicken bowl and buy myself a juice or two. The Newhall location is out of the way for me, but when I’m craving a fresh juice, the distance doesn’t matter. Yet, I’ve always longed to have an Eat Real Cafe (or something similar) in my neck of the woods, so when I saw the sign go up a few weeks ago I was very excited. The location makes the perfect after school snack for me, and as an added bonus, it is located along Newhall Ranch Road in the same shopping center as one of my true loves, CycleUp (Wendell, Wednesdays, 6pm…ask somebody).

eatreal3And so, I’ve been under the weather for almost a month now, coincidentally around the same time as Eat Real Cafe’s soft opening. So I dusted off my camera, realized the lens was broken (all those years of dropping my camera and just tossing it in my purse finally caught up to me), and headed to the brand new Eat Real Cafe – Valencia.


Like the Newhall location, I expected the decor to be on point, and indeed the Valencia location is everything and more. Every single detail was taken into consideration and there really is no better way to say it. The place is cute.


The menu consists of healthy options like bowls, salads, wraps, sandwiches, juices, and more. They have their full menu posted online, and they use only the best ingredients. So yes, for certain items you do pay a little more, but that’s because you are eating hormone free chicken, etc.


I started off my lunch with a freshly pressed Revive, which is orange, lemon, (I opted for no beets), apple, and carrot. Then I ordered my usual chicken bowl with organic brown wild rice, homemade black beans, and red onion. Priced at 7.99 the portion looks small, but it was a filling (yet light) after school snack.


The tuna sandwich doesn’t look like much, I know. But for $8 you get fancy white albacore (wild caught) on whole wheat with spouts and a side salad. It is simple yet flavorful, and for a quick lunch, it is a much better option than the footlong next door. Plus, they have gluten free bread available as well.


I’ve always liked Eat Real Cafe, and there is so much more to their menu than I’ve showcased here. They have pastries too (vegan and gluten free) and I really think there is something here for everyone, including those seeking a light breakfast! hummusI’m very excited to have a place like Eat Real Cafe on this side of town, and I really hope you all will stop by. Whether you are a regular at the original location, or have never heard of Eat Real Cafe, this locally owned business is just what the doctor ordered, and is definitely worth checking out. The garlic humus pictured above is pretty good too!

Eat Real Cafe – Valencia is located at 27530 Newhall Ranch Road

Eat Real Cafe  – Newhall is located at 23414 Lyons Ave, Santa Clarita, CA 91321