ZingGa Casual BBQ: Korean Fusion in Canyon Country

I’ve long felt that ZingGa is one of the most underrated places in Santa Clarita. A lot of people have never heard about it, while other have heard of it but have never been. And that leaves those of us that have eaten there (and love it) to help spread the word. So, here I am, doing my part (once again).


ZingGa is located in Canyon Country in the Stater Bros shopping center, and is a true mom and pop restaurant. They offer up Korean fusion and is reasonably priced. They have some amazing lunch specials too and they are constantly changing them up.


Their soups, however have been a constant (and much loved) staple since the restaurant opened a few years ago.


Their plates (with choice of meat) are fully loaded! You get rice, salad, and tempura. You can’t beat the portion size for the price.


As I mentioned earlier, they change their specials often, and on this particular day they had a bulgogi sandwich on the menu and I absolutely LOVED it. I’ve had bulgogi in tacos of course, but never in a sandwich like this. It was great!


I really like ZingGa, and I’ve been a customer since the day they opened. If you are a fan of Korean fusion (or Korean flavors in general) or maybe just want to try something new, definitely check it out! I’m the type of person that will go to a restaurant for years and always order the same thing, but when it comes to ZingGa I almost always get something different.

ZingGa is located at 26910 Sierra Highway in Canyon Country (to the left of Stater Bros).