Riding the Nostalgia Train to Crazy Otto’s in Canyon Country

When I was little, my mom would take me to Crazy Otto’s in Lancaster for breakfast on days I didn’t have school or on Saturday mornings. I remember it would be an incentive to wake up early enough to leave SCV and get there by the time the early train passed by the restaurant. Up until the Northridge earthquake, Crazy Otto’s was located next to the railroad tracks, and the whole place would shake when the train passed by. It was part of the fun and as a little kid I enjoyed our breakfast trips very much.


After the original location closed, we ventured out to the new restaurant, but it wasn’t the same without the proximity to the railroad tracks. In recent years, we’ve visited the Acton location on Santiago Road once or twice, for nostalgia’s sake, but as it happens, life gets in the way and places get forgotten. However, when I heard that Crazy Otto’s was opening in Canyon Country I was excited to go down memory lane, and have a supersized omelet with my mom. And, that’s exactly what we did today!



Taking over the El Chaparral space in the Food4Less shopping center, there are a handful of counter seats, booths, and tables that are perfect to accommodate large parties. There are relics on the wall giving it a greasy spoon diner vibe, and the menu is full of classic diner favorites like biscuits and gravy (pictured below).


Yet, they are famous for their omelets (or omelletes) which come in either a half or full size, although the price difference isn’t even that much. The bacon and cheese omelet for example, is $9.99 for half and $10.99 for full (pictured below). The jam is shown for scale.


Unfortunately, my experience wasn’t too great. The cheese in my omelet wasn’t even melted! Unbelievable! The potatoes lacked seasoning, and I left most of my biscuits and gravy untouched. Having said all that, and despite a subpar experience today, I’ll probably be back one day. You know, for nostalgia’s sake.

Apparently it can get “crazy” busy on weekends, fair warning! And while my experience wasn’t the best, I wouldn’t write it off completely. Crazy Otto’s has been a favorite for years, so they must be doing something right!

Crazy Otto’s is located at 19132 Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country.